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Email sent to Chip W6POO from JE1LET after QSO on 15m.


Dear friend.

Thank you very much for many many warm-hearted email from all over the
world. We deeply appreciate your warm thoughts and expression of condolence and

My wife Naoko and I are all okay.  NO DAMAGE. But, 3 hours power outages every day. Missing Item. Etc.. We had another strong Earthquake last night. The center of the Earthquake was located  near Mt' FUJI.  About 100km from here.

We are still afraid that there are some aftershocks and the nuclear danger.
Ken JO7CVU and his family are all okay. He gave me a phone call last Sunday
via emergency satellite from Sendai in JA7. He was in his shack at the first
big hit last Friday. He went to outside to see what happen, then saw a big
Tsunami. He took refuge from the tidal wave on a hilltop.  Very close.
He lost his shack and tower by the Tsunami. They were only about 100m inland
from the ocean.

My radio is all okay. I will turn my antenna to your warm room.
We want to say to you all, " ARIGATOU" from the bottom of our heart.

Masa and Naoko.

Results from the 12/29/2009 Test of FLDIGI from KO6TZ

Hello all,
The results of the testing of the program group 'FLDigi" went very well this evening.

The testing was done using the RATS repeater 146.940 FM, testing from KO6TZ in Desert Hot Springs  to KI6WNF in La Quinta.
All of the modes worked, there was some difficulty with THROB, but we were successful in exchanging data.  It is understood that these mode were intended for use on SSB, but this was an experiment.
Many of the modes have several speeds available.  We did not test at all baud rates, but a sampling of the slow, mid and high speed all worked.
The modes tested were:
On our next session, we will be trying to get the FlARQ program working for us.  This feature allows the exchange of text and binary files and also an "e-mail" type of traffic handling.
It went well....

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